The future of Tech4GoodSW and our role in it

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On Thursday 27th January 2021, we facilitated a conversation to surface learnings from our research and co-design work to help define our direction for 2022. 

We also took the opportunity to showcase and understand:

  • The role and current landscape of tech for good in the South-West in collaboration with Rocketmakers.
  • An introduction to some local tech for good companies who will share insights from how they have been supported in their journey so far 
    • Spacebands, the social distancing and contract tracing wristbands
    • Albotherm on a mission to reduce carbon emission and improve food production through innovative glass coating technology
  • The evolving nature of tech for good in the UK, and how to enable tech for good start-ups to thrive with Bethnal Green Ventures.
  • Introducing sustainable marketing for tech for good business with Estrella Ventures

Couldn’t make it? Watch the video!

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