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Welcome to Tech4GoodSW 2.0, as part of finding our new direction for the community, we’re on a journey of rediscovery and are asking our community to help guide us into the organization we want to be in the future. The last few years have been challenging for many people in a multiplicity of ways, so we’re keen to take the time to really assess what our community needs going forward. We’ve listened to what’s surfaced so far, and have mapped out some key things we think you’d like to gain from Tech4GoodSW going forward. 

Our October re-launch 

In October, we hosted a great group of people to come together and explore the future of Tech4GoodSW and where we’re headed. Lots of things have surfaced from our conversations and sessions, but we’re keen on making sure that everyone’s voices and opinions are heard. So, we’re now opening up consultations to a wider community to know more about your vision for Tech4GoodSW and how we can help. 

Sharing your thoughts is simple. We’ve developed a Miro board with sections that highlight the three main things that people wish to gain from Tech4GoodSW: 

  • Support when creating change and progress
  • A place to connect and feel connected
  • Somewhere to access skills and expertise

Get involved 

We’d like to know what kind of skills you’d benefit from, what good connections mean to you, and how we can help you create positive change. If Miro isn’t for you, we’ll be sharing these questions on Twitter, or just send us an email! Your insights are an invaluable way to help us create a vibrant and impactful community for us all.

Join the conversation on Twitter!

This week, we’re asking for your thoughts on T4GSW through Twitter. Let us know what you think!

Share your thoughts on Miro!

We’ve put together a Miro board to help collect and order our thoughts on the direction to take for T4GSW.

A screenshot from our Miro board with six posits notes linking to the various points within the board

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